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 Mr Khandwala undertakes a whole range of techniques for microsurgical repair of damaged nerves including nerve transfers, Nerve grafts and tendon transfers.

After a nerve repair you will be advised on the best mode of splintage and therapy.  You will be referred to the hand therapist.  It is important to remember that nerves take about 2-3 years to recover depending upon the age of the patient and the physiological status.  Mr Khandwala will advise you on the state of your nerve recovery during the follow-up appointments.  It may be necessary to perform further surgery to free up the nerve or to improve function by the use of tendon transfers if certain muscles are not functioning. Improvement in sensation is slow and can take upto 3 years. This also depends on the age of the patient, the level of nerve injury and their general health. Diabetics sometimes do not recover sensation.


Mr Khandwala will use the latest microsurgical techniques to give you the best possible result and function.


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